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Mastering our way to the Masters

Getting Around Traffic Blockades During Easter Weekend at Lake Patzcuaro! Our small group tour began with driving down highway 51 towards Salvatierra, the oldest city in the state of Guanajuato. This was not on our agenda, as we had wanted to take the faster cuota highway through Salamanca, but no matter, it was an...

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A Slice of Totonac History

According to Totonac oral tradition, their ancestors helped build the ancient city of Teotihuacán, located 42 kilometers northeast of Mexico City! After the decline of the city, Totonac legend maintains, they migrated to the area that became known as Totonacapan. They established important centers of population at Cempoala and Tajin, in coastal Veracruz. Traditional...

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Scouting the Vanilla Route in Veracruz

Our scouting adventures are remembered vividly. We enter new areas and encounter interesting people, new cultural experiences, experts with fascinating information, and make decisions about what can be used in future Travelian tours. This year Rodrigo, the founder of Travelian, and I decided to scout the newly opened area of northeastern Estado de Veracruz. Why...